113 Fotos der Deportationen der Juden aus Würzburg und Kitzingen

Auszug aus S.490 / A M E R I C A N J E W I S H Y E A R B O O K , 2 0 0 3


"A second photo collection illuminated the same subject on the microcosmic
level. A long-missing cache of 119 photographs of deportations
of Jews from Wiirzburg and Kitzingen, taken by a member of the
Gestapo in 1941 and 1942, was rediscovered by historian Edith Raim of
Munich's Institute for Contemporary History. In November 2002 the
photos were the subject of a German TV documentary by filmmaker Renate
Eichmeier, who interviewed survivors and other eyewitnesses. A
traveling exhibit of the photographs was planned for 2003. The project
was a cooperative effort of Munich's Institute for Contemporary History
and the State Archives of Wurzburg. Like the Topography of Terror exhibit,
these photos suggested that very few Germans could have avoided
witnessing the degradation and abuse of their Jewish neighbors."